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DEFENCE ACADEMY, Thursday, 6 June 2019 –  This morning the melodious and melancholic Aidilfitri takbir resounded in the Defence Academy. The end of Ramadan means the beginning of Aidilfitri celebration – a day of victory for the Muslims following the completion of thirty days of performing fast. Aidilfiri is a day of celebration and victory for the Muslims for successfully embracing every precious opportunity in the holy month of Ramadan to increase good deeds and perform as many religious practices as we could in order to gain endless blessings and countless rewards from Allah SWT. Most importantly, all Muslims should take this opportune moment to thank Allah SWT for granting us all this rewarding month of celebration.

The Guest of Honour for the ceremony was the Commandant of the Defence Academy, Colonel Haji Muhammad Haszaimi bin Bol Hassan. Also in attendance were the Muslim officers and personnel of the Defence Academy Royal Brunei Armed Forces and the Officer Cadets of Intake 18.
After the arrival of personnel and officer cadets, the event commenced with Sunat Hari Raya prayer followed by resonating the air of the Defence Academy with Aidilfitri takbir.
In addition, if Ramadhan is celebrated in line with what is proposed in Islam, then, the concept of this festive should not divert from the framework of religious deeds. It is advised we celebrate this month of victory in moderation. Although Hari Raya is a festival but it should be celebrated within reasons, limits and self-control. The event ended with exchanging Raya greetings, forgiveness and handshakes with the Commandant of Defence Academy and amongst personnel and officer cadets.